Vbiger Mens Leather Belt Sliding Buckle Ratchet Dress Belt 35mm Wide 1 3/8"

Vbiger Mens Leather Belt Sliding Buckle Ratchet Dress Belt 35mm Wide 1 3/8"
Frequently Asked Question
Dear Customers,
We have read these negative reviews, and take serious attention on it. Please read the following answers. Thanks for your purchase.

Review: Belt broken after few months.
Re: The belt is made of leather,the belt can not bend,or it will affect the belt life.
Review: Could not take the belt off.
Re:One hand hold the button under the buckle,the other hand pull out the belt.We recommend that you use it before you wear it.If you still do not konw how to use it,please send us a message ,we will send you a video to learn
Review:Size problem.
Re:All belts are suit waist size 37"-44".We measured all belts.If you need shorter ,you can resize your belt to fit your waist,or please refer to the picture.
How to Resize the belt to fit your size:
1.Loosen belt from buckle - with a plier gently lift closure to remove belt from buckle.
2.Cut the belt to your desired size and secure it firmly with closure.
3.If you still confused,please refer to the picture.

If you have other problems ,do not worry ,please send us a message ,we will reply and fix your problem quickly.
Our belts are made of genuine leather for the strap. Alloy buckle matches with leather belt. It comes with the gift box,it is a perfect gift for your friends and relatives.

Package including:
mens leather belt * 1pcs
Gift box*1pcs

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